Our Beers

Our Regular Selection

We take great pride in our beers. When we came up with a great recipe, we didn’t stop there. We made little tweaks here and there, trying a different yeast here, a different hop there, and different grains until we had a world class beer.

To that end you will not find a house strain yeast that fits all (like the bigger breweries), we tried that and found each yeast has its on personality and imparts it on our beer. This is part of the joy of craft brewing.


This Milk Stout is based off of one of the first beers I brewed. This beer has hints of molasses, chocolate, and creamy sweetness from Milk Sugar. This beer weighs in at 4.5% ABV.

Bine of my existence IPA

This comes in at a whopping 7.5%. Brewed with Ekuanot Hops and fermented with a Belgian yeast.

Running Red Coat

This originally started as a red ale but I doubled up some of the specialty grains on a batch, who says you can’t drink your mistakes? Were glad we did. I joke that the color is that of the backside of their britches when they high tailed it out of Saratoga! 4.9% ABV

Schoharie Burning

A Belgian Wheat beer so named after the burning of the wheat fields in the Schoharie Valley during the revolutionary war. This wheat beer is flavored with sweet orange peel, grains of paradise, and coriander. This beer has won us numerous awards as a home brewer and is sure to delight. 4.5% ABV


George was born in Central Bridge and invented many great things that changed the world. He invented the braking system for trains for starters. We wanted to use his last name but we received a nasty gram from a big company with the same name, but they don’t make beer and it passed the patent office.


A great Blonde Ale made with 100% NYS hops and grains. 4.5%

Serious Pale Ale

A sessionable Pale Ale with Sabro hops. 4.9%

Our Seasonal Beers

Stonewalled Maple Porter

This is a variation of experiment go ‘A-RYE’ brewed with local Maple Syrup then finished off with more Maple Syrup. 5.5% ABV


This is a experimental beer. Has Mango and Habanero flavors. Contains Sulfites.

Bourbon Barrel Porter

Age in a Bourbon Barrel for 10 weeks. The barrels can from Schenectady Distilling and went back to have a whiskey aged in them.

Anniversary Chocolate Raspberry Oatmeal Milk Stout.

While the name is a mouthful, you will be wanting more of this limited release beer.

We have more than just beer!

Not a fan of beer, try some of the other NYS products we offer. Check out or changing selections of NYS Wines, Ciders, Beers, and Distilled Spirits. Ever had Country Apple? Schoharie Sunrise? We offer the signature drinks of some of the hottest local distilleries.