About Us

I’m not exactly sure when my craft beer awakening happened but I do remember where and how it happened. I was working out near Boston and a friend invited me to the Horse Shoe Pub in nearby Hudson. The place was great! They had awesome food and taps that lines the back of the bar with just about any beer you could think of. They had a beer safari where you would get stuff along the way. I was 3 hours away and managed to get half way through my card.

One day in 1998 I was at an auction in Central Bridge, NY and found a Brewers Choice fermenter in with the box lots. For a buck, how could I go wrong! That launched me on my way to brewing great beers.

A few years ago the company I work for had it’s first round of layoffs. That started me thinking ‘What would I do if that was me?’. The answer was clear BEER!

From that time forward I started to take my brewing more seriously, I started numbering my batches SB # 1, that stood for Serious Brewing batch 1. As a Home Brewer I had started out with the name Double Dollar Brewing Co., but seriously that wasn’t a marketable name and Serious Brewing was born.

We started to call Howes Cave our home starting the spring of 2016. We renovated to old KPI Screen Printing facility and created a world class brewing facilty that we cannot wait to show you.


Here are some before pictures